Teaching Excellence Workshop - March 2016

UC Berkeley in collaboration with the Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Science (KFAS) and Kuwait University (KU) launched the first teaching excellence workshop in March of 2016, hosted by KFAS. Throughout the week, 72 KU faculty engaged in hands-on workshops to further develop their teaching. They focused on concrete interventions and improved methods they could apply immediately to their own classes. To this end, the participants had the opportunity to showcase at least one pedagogical change they could implement, done in a roundtable format. In this arrangement, they were able to share their new pedagogical idea/s, gather feedback from colleagues, and had the chance to garner consultative insight from workshop facilitators, who helped ensure successful implementation. The overall workshop was meant to foster customized outcomes for each participant, based on universal best practices, allowing each faculty member to leave with a different application in mind, but all based on the latest developments in teaching and learning theory.

(Involved: Dr. Richard Freishtat (Center for Teaching and Learning), Dr. Justin Lipp (Education Technology Services), Professor Juan Pestana (Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering), and Professor Nezar AlSayyad (Departments of Architecture and Planning))