Intensive Teaching Excellence and Capacity Building Workshop - January 2017

The Intensive Teaching Excellence and Capacity Building Workshop is the second part of the Teaching Excellence Program. Fourteen Kuwait University (KU) faculty who had already completed the first workshop were invited to UC Berkeley to participate in an advanced, five-day workshop in January 2017. The program goal was to further utilize the outcomes from the previous workshop to identify, design, and prepare for the implementation of a pedagogical project in a specific area of interest/need. The program also aimed to develop skills, and practice techniques, to coach and provide formative feedback to faculty colleagues about pedagogy. The intensive program included lectures by experts in student-centered learning and educational technology, large group discussions, small group activities, classroom observations, and panel presentations and Q&A with Berkeley faculty. This was also an opportunity for the KU faculty to further interactions with Berkeley faculty and consultants, and utilize the resources available at Berkeley.

(Involved: Richard Freishtat (Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL)), Rita-Marie Conrad (CTL), Yukiko Watanabe (CTL), Meggan Levitt (Educational Technology Services), Catherine Halversen (Lawrence Berkeley Lab (LBL)), Lynn Tran (LBL), Professor Anne Baranger (Chemistry), Professor Kahtleen Donegan (English), Professor Michelle Douskey (Chemistry), Professor Terry Johnson (Bioengineering))