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As part of the Teaching Component of the Program for Contemporary Arab Culture, CASES is collaborating with the Berkeley Center for Teaching and Learning to organize a three-day workshop to expose faculty members of Kuwait University to the principles of teaching excellence at the college level. Hosted by the Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences, from March 27 to March 29, 2016, the workshop aims to help participants better:

  1. Apply the science of learning to educating college-level students
  2. Define learning outcomes and performance targets of their students
  3. Design a learner-centered course syllabus that satisfies requirements of accreditation and institutional accountability
  4. Design and implement both formative and summative techniques for the assessment of student learning
  5. Deliver engaging content that promotes learning and critical thinking
  6. Utilize a model of moral evolution in designing course content and delivery
  7. Draw upon the guiding values that govern the teaching profession
  8. Utilize instructional and evaluation technology to enrich learning and manage teaching workload
  9. Relate research interests to teaching activities